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Here you will find timeless marble table with beautiful design. Undercarriages comes from Poland and marble discs from Italy. We have no marble table in stock but as soon as you place an order, it takes 3-6 weeks for delivery. There is a flat shipping fee of 500SEK (50EUR) you choose at checkout, no matter where you live. You can either choose a table with predetermined dimensions or emailing us at if you have any requests. We do from round, oval, square marble table with simple and unique frames.

Information on the marble:

Certain characteristics which are natural and sometimes even visible: Sand Pits: So the stone formation occurs occasionally air bubbles that have not been filled. Calcite: These are derived from water veins in the stone and looks like crushed crystals, there is scale from the water that has solidified.

Delivery 3-6 weeks, depending on the choice of tables.

All stones are different and come from different mines - hence can never be "desired" a certain veining in marble, but it is always different. Sometimes more sometimes less, sometimes darker, sometimes lighter. It is this that is so charming with marble, it is unique and we can guarantee that nothing looks like your marble table. There may also be some tiny holes in the disc on a couple of millimeters - this is due to the stone structure and is not a fault. When the stone is ground so small scratches can occur, these scratches can not always get away, what helps is that impregnates the stone with stone impregnation we recommend just for the stone's durability.

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