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marbletable marbletable table of wood table of wood HILKE HOME - Luna Nera NO.1 Glass/Marble/Wood HILKE HOME - Luna Nera NO.1 Glass/Marble/Wood HILKE HOME - Luna Nera NO.1 Glass/Marble/Wood HILKE HOME - Luna Nera NO.1 Glass/Marble/Wood

HILKE HOME - Luna Nera NO.1 Glass/Marble/Wood

6 700 kr
Open for pre-order. Del 4-6w
Open for pre-order. Del 4-6w

A new beauty is here. Our amazing table "Luna Nera" in various designs. Designed by Hilke Collection. The base are made of steel and then powder coated with black, white or gold color.

We have marble tables, glass tables and wooden tables.

Size: 130x55x40 cm

Choose your favorite and create the table you want for your home with our help.

The base in this design are only available in the above size, but we also design according to the customer's wishes. Take a look at the other marble tables to get an idea of ​​the design we are working with today. But almost nothing is impossible for us to do.

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Information about marble:

Certain characteristics that are natural and sometimes even visible: Sand pits: So the stone is formed sometimes bubbles of air that have not been replenished. Kalkspat: These originate from watercourses in the stone and look like crushed crystals, it is lime from the water that has stiffened.

Delivery time 4 - 6 weeks depending on the choice of table.

All stones are different and come from different mines - hence, one can never "wish" a certain amount of aging in the marble, but it always gets different. Sometimes more sometimes less, sometimes darker, sometimes lighter. This is so charming with marble, it's unique and we can guarantee nothing looks like your marble table. There may also be small cavities in the disc of a few millimeters - this is due to the structure of the stone and is not wrong. When the stone is sanded, small scratches can occur, these scratches can not always be avoided, which helps to impregnate the stone with stone impregnation, which we recommend just for the stone's durability.

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